sábado, 25 de octubre de 2008


The Amenrican TV!

The television here is very diferent, you have got a lot of channels that if you are in Spain you need to pay a lot if you want to have a lot of channels and here if you want you can see the TV and you rewid all you want during the movies and the series!

NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my friends!!

I'm very sad because we are going to leave Milford in only five hours...but now I'm going to tell you our trip in New York!

We went to the High School at 6:30 to go to New York! We traveled three hours by busand the first two hours I sleeped haha.

When we arrived, we stoped at Rockefeller center! We took a lot of photos and we did a lot of shoppings at 5th Avenue. At 1:30 we went by bus to see the city. We saw The Empire State, Central Park, Chrysler building, The Ground Zero, The Brooklyn bridge, Chinatown where we leaved the bus and did shoppings in a half hour, Times Square and Brodway.

When we finished the tour, we went to the Hotel, we leaved our suitcases and then we went to had dinner.Finally we saw Legally Blonde in Brodway and that was one of the best experiences in all my trip in USA. At 10 o'clock the musical finished and then we were in Times Square 2 hours with all the colours in the big sreems and all the people the same that in the movies!!

The Sunday we went to the Statue of Liberty and we didn't sorpreased a lot because we saw that in all the american movies..

The trip was the best experience in my life!

martes, 21 de octubre de 2008

Halloween Party!!!

Angel with Uncle Lain and Devil
Uncle Lain with Willy Wonka
Uncle Lain with my teachers

All the people with their costums!

One pirate with Cesar, Uncle Lain, the boyfriend of the dead girlfriend, the dead, a policeman, one special and diabolical clown and a assesin doctor!

On Saturday we finally went to the Halloween party. We enjoyed it a lot and danced during the party. We took a lot of photos with all the people.
The worst thing in the party was that our host's parents were there.
We played Play Station and other games.
The costums were very diferents and few persons had got a robber costum. My costum liked a lot to the people in the party because a weared Uncle Sam costum and was very fun.
The people in the party don't belive us when we said that in Spain don't have Halloween parties because in USA is a very important pary!
Bye friends and I'll see you tomorrow!

Boston Celtics!!

The Boston Celtics Stadium!
The big screem!
The Red Sox field! In the stadium
A lot of people in the Red Sox field

On Friday we went to Boston after the school to see the Red Sox field and on Thursday the Red Sox had won so it was a good day.
Finally we went to Boston Celtics Stadium to see a game against New York Knincks. They lost but that was one of my best experences in my trip. We encoraged the team a lot and we enjoyed with the game.
I'll see you in the next post!


My friends with me in Rosecliff(the other mansion)

The breakers!


That day was very interesting because we did a lot of things!

First, we lost during the trip because the bus driver was a old woman...
Second we saw two mansions very interesting, The breakers was the most beautiful and oldest.

Finally we walked around the village and we did some shoppings!

Bye and I'll see you later!

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008

Old Sturbridge Village!!

The landscape!
A carriage!

My friends and me with a man of the epoch!

An elderly woman of the time!

Some costums of the time!

Hi my readers!!

The last Monday we went to Sturbridge Village, a very big village, very nice and it was very ancient village.
We saw the tipical houses in the XVII century, their clothes, their farms and their lifes.
We enjoy a lot and we took a lot of photographs in a lot of differents places.

We saw one church, a lot of houses, a blacksmith shop, a farm with cows and sheeps. We saw bulls too.

It was a fun day!

I'll see you in the next post! Bye!

My Spanish Omelette!!

Irene and Me with the omelettes!

Hello my friends!!

The last Sunday at evening and before the Mario's party I coocked a Spanish omelette with the help of Hector and Irene.

My family loved thats omelettes a lot and it was a enjoy experience.

I'll see you in the next post!
Bye my friends!

martes, 14 de octubre de 2008

My Sunday!!

Victor, Irene, Val and me in the outlet
My best hamburger in all my life!!!!!

Hi my readers!
I had a fun Sunday

I woke up at eleven o'clock, I had breackfast and had a shower and then Val, Hector and I went with Victor and Heather to the outlet. There I bought a lot of cheap cloths and I enjoing a lot.

At one o'clock we had lunch in one restaurant in the outlet.I ate a smokehouse hamburger that had got crisp onion, bacon, cheedar, meat and lettuce. When I ate my first bite I felt a wave of flavors. I felt few flavors that I love.

Later, we continued shopping and I spend no much money but with this money in Spain I can't buy all, I can buy only one thing.

At night, we went to Alvaro's house. We had a very good party.

Bye my friends, I'll see you in the next post!

lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008

My Saturday!

Me playing softball
Softball match

Emily's "party"

Hi friends!!

My Saturday was very enjoing.

First, I woke up at six o'colck to go heather's house and then we went to see Val and Heather's sister playin softball. The games were very interesting. We wacthed one match and then we had lunch. When we finished, Victor and me practiced softball with Heather and Val. Later we watched other match and in this match finally Val won because all the matches I saw she never win.

Second, we wanted to go to the outlet but it was impossible because there were a lot of cars going to the same place so we went to a big supermarket and then we returned to home.

Finally, we went to Emily's house because most of the american girls had got a birthday party so all their Spanish students went to Emily's hose to play games and spend a good time.

Boston journey!!

Me with a hurricane!!
people with the crazy driver!!

People in front of the Duck!

Hello my dear readers!!
Here I'm telling you about Thursday's journey.
On Thursday we went to Boston to see the Science Museum and travel in a duck.
The duck was very fun, the duck driver was crazy and funny. When we went into the river, it was an excited experience.
Then, we had lunch and later, we saw the museum. It was very fun and interesting. We saw some fossils and very interesting electric experiments.
When we finished, we went to watch a very boring movie about marine animals and their fossils.

So this was my journey. One kiss
Bye, Bye

Spanish Classes!!

In the High School With my American friends
In the Middle School wiht the funny teachers

Hi my friends!

Excuse me but I don't have a lot of time here because there are a lot of things to do!

The wednesday we went to Spanish classes in the High School and was a very fun day because we met american people who spoke very well Spanish and we played with them and talked a lot.

The Friday we went to Middle Hihg School and met younger people in Spanish classes too but that children spoke very well Spanish, someone spoke better than most of the High School estudents.We met a very funny teacher and the children had got a lot of interesting questions.

I'll see you in the next post bye bye my dear friends!

martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

A Kind Accion!!

Val with one of her kids

Hi my friends!!
I said you in the other post that I had gone to skate with Val OK?
Val is a teacher. She teaches disabled children to skate and this is a very nice action.
I enjoyed a lot when I went with Val to skate, she is really a very good person.

The Barbecue

Val, Katie and Heather

All in the barbecue

The second day we went to a barbecue at Emily's. We ate hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken, salad and a lot of different deserts. I cooked brownies with Val to bring to the barbecue and the people like that.
After the barbecue, I went to a mall and there Val and me met with some of my friends and we went to buy some T-shirts. I bought two funny T-shirts.
Finally I went to skate But I tell you in the next post.

Thus is all. Good bye and see you in the next post!

The Welcome

Hi my readers!
At seven o'clock we arrived at Milford High School and our families were waiting with welcome posters. Then I met Val, my host and later I went to her house with her dad.
They have a big house and a big dog that I love.
When we finished dinner, we went to watch a hockey match that Val played in. When we returned home I gave them some presents that they like a lot.
That day was very excited!

Bye, bye and I'll see you in the next post.

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

The flight

Hello my readers.
We arrived at The USA 4 hours ago.
The flight was very long, eight hours...but we saw two films and played cards and the time went faster.
Then, we went to Milford and there, we met the families.

lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2008


Hello my readers!!
I'm Laín Montes and this is my blog about USA.
I'm 16 years old and I come from Valladolid(Spain).
I'm looking forward to going to USA but I have to wait 12 more days.
Here I'm going to write about all my experiences in Milford.
I'll see you in the next post.
Bye bye!!